About Us

Established in 2019, Clipmode is an American skateboarding company based in Far Rockaway, Queens that specializes in limited edition skate apparel, gear, and community lessons for early to established skaters. Alongside Clipmode stands Clipmode HQ—a Film Production subsidiary focused on long and short form storytelling through leading-edge pre to post production execution.


Further foster collaboration and innovation within the skate community through philanthropyrooted in (3) core principles:

Clipmode Connect

Community outreach


Brand Voice

Clipmode is a brand for the people. We don’t speak at them, but amongst them because we are them.
We are known to secure the clip and then play it back. The clip being whatever the people need [to know]. Our tone is high-spirited and inclusive.

Key Social Insights and Impact

  • Clipmode’s social reach is 82% men and 18% women, 18-34 years old
  • 2. Our top locations reached are: New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Florida
  • 3. In 2020, Clipmode was acknowledged by Highsnobiety as a black-owned skate company to watch
  • 4. Clipmode has hosted two annual skate tournaments, uplifting and promoting local retailers, inclusivity
  • amongst under-represented skater demographics, and highlighting their local community amidst a global crisis
Big Idea
  • Clipmode’s purpose isn’t to simply exist, they aim to lead and cultivate change that uplifts, impacts,
  • and inspires—first locally and ultimately globally