Our goal is for every skater to have a fun safe time learning how to skateboard in a positive engaging environment. From beginner all the way to expert skateboarders your child will learn the basics of skateboarding from our staff who all have years of experience.

Starting April 24th Our schedule is as follows: Saturday 10am – 12pm Sunday 10 am – 12pm

What you will learn:

Beginner Courses
• Learn how to ride on a skateboard,
proper form and posture, turning left and right,
acceleration and stopping.
• Introduction to skateboarding safety. How
to use your Pads. what to do when falling on a skateboard.
• Learn how to Ride off curbs ,tic taks,Manuals.

Intermediate Courses
• Learn how to do kick turns, 5050grinds,
drop ins, rock to fakie, nose stalls, and more!

Advanced Courses
• Learn how to ollie , nollie, heelflip, kickflips,
shove it and other advanced techniques!

All campers must bring a functional skateboard, a helmet, close-toed athletic shoes, a water bottle, snacks, and a positive attitude.

Virtual skate camp !

Can’t physically join us ? No worries the clipmodesquad has curated an online skate school for you to try in your home (or drive way ). We go over the basics How to push , turn , tik tac and Ollie all divided up into short Easy to to follow videos ! 


Class 03

More advanced techniques in skateboarding only enter if you have completed class 1 and class 2

Preview Class here

Class 02

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Preview Class here

Rockaway Skate School Summer Camp

Starting June 1st!

For the first time Rockaway will have its very first skateboard camp ! A collaberation  with Clipmode  and GrindTime Skate Shop we present a full summer program for youth ages 9 – 18 !

Pre – Registration starts now for Summer 2021!

Operating under strict Covid-19 prevention procedures

• Children Ages 6 – 18

• Monday – Friday

• 9 AM – 2 PM

• All Skill Levels Welcomed

• All Equipment Available (Skateboards , Helmets)

• Kids also participate in Beach Games, Fun Activities & Learning Exercises

• Refreshments Provided

• First Aid Kit on site

• 3 : 1 Ratio (Students To Certified Instructor)

• Kids will learn at their skill level to prevent injuries

• Campers guaranteed to learn all basics of skateboarding

• One – One (Instructor to Camper Teaching )

• Campers will learn park etiquette so to able to safely navigate  parks with respect for others and their peers.

• Great way to get your kids out the house and participate in a action sport after quarantine

• Kids are grouped together based on age, skill level, and friend groups

• We will be going to 3 parks in rockaway

  • Beach 13th

  • Bayswater Skatepark

  • Beach 92nd skatepark

• Drop off & Pick up available.

• $750 per child
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Skate Summer Camp Price List